Debian packaging of Mopidy

My first upload to Debian as a Debian Maintainer, Mopidy 0.19.4-3, landed in Debian testing today, well in time for the upcoming freeze.

The new version adjusts the LSB facilities the sysvinit script depends on, to make sure that DNS lookups, DBus (used by Mopidy-MPRIS), and Avahi (used for Zeroconf service publishing) are available before Mopidy starts.

Most importantly, maybe, the new package adds a systemd service file. The sysvinit init script included a custom action called “run”, which is used to run Mopidy subcommands with the same user and configuration as the system service use. To replace this with something that can also be used on a system running systemd, a new executable called mopidyctl has been added. The new executable does the same: it runs Mopidy with the same user and configuration as the init system uses to start Mopidy as a system service.

In short, sudo service mopidy run config now becomes sudo mopidyctl config, both on systems running sysvinit and systems running systemd.

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Stein Magnus Jodal