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Extension for playing music from your local music archive.

In contrast to Mopidy-File, Mopidy-Local builds an index of your archive’s metadata ahead of time, and can thus provide additional features like search.

The music metadata is stored in a SQLite database. This lets you browse your music collection by album, artist, composer and performer, and provides full-text search capabilities based on SQLite’s FTS modules. It also notices updates via mopidy local scan while Mopidy is running, so you can scan your media library periodically, for example from a cron job.


This extension is the result of the merging of three old extensions:

  • Mopidy-Local, which before Mopidy 3 used to be bundled with Mopidy itself.
  • Mopidy-Local-SQLite, which was an alternative to the old default JSON file storage backend.
  • Mopidy-Local-Images, which provides album art embedded in local files to web clients.


Install the Mopidy-Local package from PyPI:

sudo python3 -m pip install Mopidy-Local

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Updating the extension registry

This extension registry is a community effort, and will never be complete without your help. To add or update an extension, edit the source files using the existing extensions as inspiration, then submit a pull request to the mopidy/website repo at GitHub.