backend extension

A backend for playing music from the SoundCloud service.


Python 3 support in pre-release

This extension has a pre-release on PyPI with Python 3.7+ support.

To help test the extension on Python 3, you can install the pre-release using:

python3 -m pip install --pre Mopidy-SoundCloud

Please report any issues you find in the extension's issue tracker.

Install the Mopidy-SoundCloud package from PyPI:

python -m pip install Mopidy-SoundCloud


Mopidy-SoundCloud needs API access to SoundCloud, to grant access click the button bellow and follow the instructions. Your data is never shared with this site.

Authenticate Mopidy with SoundCloud

After the pop up closes, add the following to you mopidy.conf file:

auth_token = The config value will appear here.

For more information see the Mopidy-SoundCloud docs.


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Updating the extension registry

This extension registry is a community effort, and will never be complete without your help. To add or update an extension, edit the source files using the existing extensions as inspiration, then submit a pull request to the mopidy/website repo at GitHub.